Matthew Couper Photography | PHOTOSOCIAL HD


Building on our fantastic PHOTOSOCIAL product, we are please to offer PHOTOSOCIAL HD

PHOTOSOCIAL HD offers clients a time-based solution to cover all kinds of projects complete with a set of hi-resolution images.

Who Should Choose PHOTOSOCIAL HD?

PHOTOSOCIAL HD is ideal for clients who require photographic solutions for:

* Events

* Staff and team portraits

* Project portfolios

* Personal branding

* Website content

* Promotional material

* Social media content

* Press releases

* Stock images

* Annual reports

What Happens On The Day?

* Engagement

You should expect that I will engage with a wide range of stakeholders from CEO to frontline staff.  My strong interpersonal relationship building enables me to produce a comprehensive set of images that are adaptable for a wide range of uses which have been gained working with public, private and third sector organisations.  This is achieved through observation, questioning and collaboration.

* Variety 

No two sessions are the same, so what a session looks like will vary on the needs of the project.  Being inside, outside, up close, far away all have an impact on the session and the equipment required to complete the project. 

* Flexibility

Expect that lighting and equipment need setting up and packing down.  Photography doesn't always just happen.  Lighting, stands and other equipment are often required and this takes time.

* Pauses 

The shutter won't be clicking every second.  It's about crafting and creating quality images as opposed to quantity of images.  Please be patient and allow us to work solutions for your imaging needs.

* Collaboration

Have a plan.  I will often have questions related to the session and any assistance you can provide will help to make the session run smoothly.  Please ensure that key staff, products or locations are available or open when I'm on site.  

What Happens After?

PHOTOSOCIAL HD is offered on half and full day rates with images being licensed on a royalty free basis.  I will curate and edit the best images from the session.  The total number of final images will vary based on the length, type and nature of the session.  Please note that Matthew Couper Photography retains copyright on all images produced.  This represents excellent value for money based on the potential usage life of an image, both as an online asset and as printed media.  

Your images will be made available to download from a personalised preview gallery with the gallery details and password being sent to the nominated person (usually the point of contact for the project). 

Additional Costs And Information

There may be additional costs incurred in the course of the project.  

Expenses such as travel, accommodation and subsistence costs will be charged in addition depending on location, length and needs of the project.  

Expenses will be outlined at quotation stage based on project details provided by the client and may change depending on the nature of the project. 

Please contact us if you have any queries

Retainer and Ongoing Work

For clients wanting to book in regular work throughout the year we are also able to offer a retainer based system in return for an agreed number of images based around 6 and 12 monthly options.  Retainer based options are suitable for clients who have already commissioned photography from Matthew Couper Photography.  Please contact us for further information and pricing.  



Rate Type Rate
Half Day (up to 4 hours) £300.00
Full Day (up to 8 hours) £575.00
Expenses Various
Retainer Rates  P.O.A