Matthew Couper Photography | Why We Love Photosocial (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Photosocial (And You Should, Too!)

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Rooftop bar with overlay of branding text for Matthew Couper Photography.Rooftop bar with overlay of branding text for Matthew Couper Photography.


If you're a business, brand or organisation on social media, you need to be visual.  It's as simple as that.  

In a world where gaining attention is hard, it's even harder to hold that attention in a complex crowded marketplace.  However, there are some simple steps we can put in place to help maximise our message and impact through the use of quality photos as part of our posting.

Let's look at some reasons why using quality, authentic photos can help grab user's attention, maintain it and engage them with your story. 

Man holding a baby with a text overlay.Man holding a baby with a text overlay.

The Power Of The Story

We all love a good story.  It connects with something within us.  Brands and businesses, charities and organisations, even our own personal journey can all harness the power of the story to tell people about who they are, where they're from and going to, what they do, why they do it and how they go about it.  The more authenticity in a story, the more people respond.  For example, if you're a brand using stock images from a library, those images probably don't communicate anything about your story.  What if you used images that were generated from the core of your operations, showing your people and activity, combined with your messages and other content?  See out that which appeals to our humanity and engages us to want to know more.

The more you can add the story of your brand to our social media, the more people will engage with you.  Having strong story focused images can help tell your story in creative ways.

Have you had any success with telling your story visually through social media?  Comment below and let me know. 

Tips Post About Fruit and Vege, Featuring Strawberries.Tips Post About Fruit and Vege, Featuring Strawberries.

Quality, Not Quantity

No one engages with spam email (unless you're James Veitch).  We don't like it.  So as storytellers, we also need to make sure that we don't end up spamming our audience with a relentless bombardment of content.  We should make sure that our content has a quality about it.  Better one post that engages your audience that fifteen pieces of content that get zero response.  This means we need to think about our message, our audience and what we're trying to tell them.  A few rough edges are ok, but poor storytelling is not.  The 'who' of your brand is more important than the how.

Beach scenes with graphic text overlay.Beach scenes with graphic text overlay.

The Main Thing

Have you heard the saying:  "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing"?  Running a business is hard work.  It takes blood, sweat and tears and a whole lot of time.  However we can sometimes get distracted by other things.  Creating quality story driven content takes time, possibly time you don't have, or want to have.  This isn't everyone's speciality and it can create headaches if not managed properly. 

Matthew Couper Photography can help maximise your social media impact with great photography to enhance your storytelling.  We are visual storytellers at our core.  Some of the benefits we can offer to you include providing a foundational element for your content.  We don't have to do it all for you, but we can bring the visual element into sharp focus.  No fake news from us, we are focused on creating images that tell an authentic story of your brand.  We'd love to work with businesses, charities, organisations and individuals who want to output quality visual content to their social media audience and are keen to make an impact.

Track leading to Parkhouse Hill, Peak District with a text overlay.Track leading to Parkhouse Hill, Peak District with a text overlay.

What you can do in the meantime

If you're not in the market for paid photography at present, then we can offer a few tips to make the most of the assets that you have at your disposal:

1. Post regularly.  Social media is exactly that, social.  It should be a dialogue.  If you're saying nothing, then expect no response.  Start out slow. Try posting once a day and build up from there.

2. Utilise tools you already have.  Most of us have either a smart phone or tablet.  Their cameras are sufficient for social posting if you don't have anything else available, although a good quality camera can help.  Combine that with an internet connection and you're away.  You don't need sophisticated lighting either, just make sure you have some.  A window for natural light or internal light for controlled light can be helpful.  Try and experiment with filters.  If your phone doesn't have this option, then a lot of social media platforms have them built into photo sharing. 

3. Start with the platform that best suits your business and your audience.  Rather than trying to hit up every social media platform known to man, find out which ones your customers are already using and start there.  Your content might have to adjust slightly.  For example, Instagram is a very visual platform, based around pictures and video.  You have the option to caption and write, but first and foremost, it's a visual social media platform.  Twitter, on the other hand, is a micro blogging site.  You can also utilise photos and video, but have less to say directly to your audience in a post.  Twitter can also be good for customer service and responding to questions.  Facebook, in contrast to both, allows you to do lots of different things, including having a page dedicated to your business, with photos, videos, events and even a shop.  There are lots of other social media platforms with varying functionality.  Figure out which one is best for you and go from there.  Try one.  If it doesn't work you can always adapt and try something else. What they all have in common is that you CAN use photos and video to great effect. 

Musicians playing and singing at a gig with a music quote by Bono.Musicians playing and singing at a gig with a music quote by Bono.

A bit about what we offer with PhotoSocial

PhotoSocial is literally that - photos for social media.  Low file sizes at 72 dpi that are adaptable and ready to go, digitally delivered right to your computer via a secure online digital download folder.

We'll come and spend around 1 hour on site photographing things to do with your business, products, people, your office and then give you a set of 30 images all for a set fee.  You can of course purchase more if they're of use to you.  Want more?  Then we can visit on a monthly basis to provide you with fresh content for your social media channels.  

From products, to people and everything else in-between, we can provide appealing visual assets that will enhance your social media posts.

Why 30?  That's enough to post daily to social media for a whole month.

Images are suitable for use on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit and all your favourite social media platforms. 

We also offer a PhotoSocial design service.  This is where we take the images produced and make a set of 30 platform ready posts for you ready to upload to your social site.  We consult with you the type of content to add such as logos, web links, special offers and branding to maximise.  All you have to do is then post the content to your site when needed.  PhotoSocial Design is a separate service to PhotoSocial and is billed separately. 

Please get in touch if we can be of service.

Portrait of a girl with a sword in her hand with a text overlay.Portrait of a girl with a sword in her hand with a text overlay.


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