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Welcome to Matthew Couper Photography.

Matthew Couper Photography is owned and operated by Matt Couper.

My Story
A native Australian, I've lived in the UK since 2006. I came to the UK to settle with my wife Sian who is British. We have two young gorgeous children who have been photographed extensively since birth but are both directly responsible for the apparent coffee addiction I seem to have acquired over the past few years...
I enjoy spending time in the Lake District and Peak District when I'm able to and that never seems to be often enough these days.


I specialise in three areas of photography: PHOTOSCAPE, PHOTOSTORY and PHOTOSOCIAL.

PHOTOSCAPE is my landscape photography.  While I have shot images around the world, my current body of work is drawn from the Peak District National Park in the UK.  With a wide variety of unique hills and dales, the Peak District is the UK's first national park, established in 1951.  A keen hiker, I spend as much time as I can walking the hills, looking for the best the district has to offer.  

My niche within landscape photography comes in the form of panoramic landscape photography, shooting both horizontal and vertical panoramas.

I present my photography in a variety of ways including framed prints, acrylic art panels, matted prints, postcards, greeting cards and calendars.  For example, you could visit my PRINT SHOP to see the latest offerings. 

PHOTOSTORY is my lifestyle family portrait photography.  I am passionate about visual storytelling and capturing the various stages in people's journeys through life.  Sessions are photographed on location, in places that are personal to you, as this adds another layer to your visual story and provides a familiar environment in which to capture those treasured family moments.  You can see examples of my lifestyle family portrait work here.

PHOTOSOCIAL is photography for businesses and organisations wanting to improve the quality of their social media content, through custom imagery, specifically shot for the web and social media use.  More than ever in today's digital landscape it's important to stand out as a brand, so having photography that reflects and enhances your brand can help.  I also offer a design element called PHOTOSOCIALDESIGN which utilises the images produced into effective content for use on social media to communicate your brand to the world.  You can read more about PHOTOSOCIAL here in this blog post.
I look forward to meeting up and hearing your story - let's set a date to get together.
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