People are at the heart of Matthew Couper Photography.  This is why I specialise in providing a high class portrait photography experience for all my clients. I take portraits in a number of different environments and situations which are outlined below.  See which service best suits your photographic needs or contact me to find out more.

Family Portrait Photography

Being in front of the camera is not everyone's idea of a great time.  I don't like it either!  Walking into a photography studio is also a foreign experience for many people and is quite removed from how most of us live our lives.  I work very hard to help all my clients feel at ease when they're in front of the camera engaging people in conversation and keeping the atmosphere light and happy.  Based in Stockport, I am available to travel quite literally anywhere to provide family portrait photography sessions.  I work with individuals, couples and families shooting on location in the places they enjoy spending time.  In this environment I find that people are more relaxed and enjoy their portrait experience.  Locations can vary from your home, to a local park, beach or to the hills of the Peak District.  Have another favourite hang out?  Live beyond Stockport?  Drop me a line and we'll make it happen.

Corporate and Team Portrait Photography

In a digital age, making a solid visual impression is key, both on and offline, whether or not your have a digital marketing strategy!  I have the privilege of having worked closely with businesses, charities and other groups to produce individual portraits and team portraits of the highest quality that can be utilised across multiple channels in your business, both digital and print.  I take the hassle away by coming to your workplace and shooting on location. I also excel at producing stock image banks around your work which then can be used for digital and print output.  Click here to find out more.


Event Portrait Photography

Sometimes it's just great to have a photographer on hand to shoot the happenings of your event, both to have a visual record of the event, but also to have images for your portfolio, to send prints to clients and take the pressure off you, having one less job to think about.  I can attend your launch party, corporate event, birthday or anniversary celebration or even funeral if required.  Yes, I have taken photos at a funeral.  Need a hand?  Find out how.

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Landscape Photography

Photographers, on any commercial assignment, would travel to a location to shoot a set of images for a client.  I am also available to shoot specific landscape photography requests for private commissions.  Contact me to arrange a bespoke package tailored to your location requirements for that unique one off work to add to your collection, printed and displayed in your home or workplace.

View from Kinder Scout Derbyshire | UK | PanoramaView from Kinder Scout Derbyshire | UK | PanoramaIf you would like a print of this image then please contact us for an individualised quote as this image type falls outside the normal print parameters and will be prepared as a bespoke piece.