What's Your Story?

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Blog Graphic - WYS?Blog Graphic - WYS? Once upon a time, before there was the written word or other art forms, your family history and narrative was handed down by voice through the telling of stories.  You knew where you'd come from, who you were and where you were headed through vocal storytelling.  Then came writing, drawing, painting and other forms of media as ways of expressing and capturing the story of life.

Fast forward to the last say 100 years and a huge chunk of narrative preservation has been entrusted to photography.  Even in my lifetime some of people's most treasured possessions <read "stories"> are held in photographs. They are the things people would go into a burning building for over most all other possessions.  Why is that?  Because they are connected to people's story and are often irreplaceable.

Story is still central to the human experience today and I am more than ever motivated by the power of the story through the medium of visual storytelling.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the most necessary and powerful element of my lifestyle family portrait sessions is unearthing what your story looks like.  

Let me explain...

Story is personal.  Story is powerful.  Story is art.

Story is Personal

Stories contain people, places, things and experiences which contribute and give shape to the narrative.  

Portraiture is people.  You, me, family.  Those who we love, cherish and respect.

Portraiture is tied to place.  Place is where we spend our time living, growing, loving, sharing, experiencing. 

Portraiture contains things.  That favourite doll or teddy.  The super long slide. A favourite watch or jewellery.  The 'props' of life.

Portraiture is living the experience.  Experiences shape and mould us as we grow.  In the human experience, they are best shared.

Story is Powerful

Images can instantly transport us to a moment in time and a rush of emotions, feelings and memories flood in.  From cradle to grave we can run the gamut of human emotion through our images.  There is always a story to be had that ties into an image.  Often told and retold and retold as a new generation discovers the power of their family narrative.  Images can move us, enrage us, soften us. Images that tell a story are powerful.

Story is Art

Art is defined as: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form...producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.  Family is beautiful.  Family is emotional.  We can celebrate family through printed artwork, visually retelling the story of family life.  

In a digital, cloud based age a caveat or two.  If you hide your images away on a computer and never look at them, they are in danger.  For as you forget about the images, you potentially start to lose part of your story.  You may remember, but they are a far too powerful visual aid to be hidden away.

Secondly, we are only ever a few tech advances (or crashes) away from physically losing much of our story.  Remember the floppy disk?  If all you images were stored on them, how would you get them off now?  Do you even remember what's on them?  With a vast number of images in my library I need to carefully consider how I work with my images in the future also.

We need to regain the art of visual storytelling and proudly display our story in images, passing on the story to the next generation and the generations after that.  

So, what's your story?  

Why not contact us to find out how we can help to tell and preserve your story for generations to come?


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