Welcome to Matthew Couper Photography, the home of family portrait photography owned and operated by Matt Couper.

A little bit about me...
A native Australian, I've lived in the UK since 2006. I came to the UK to settle with my wife Sian who is British. We have two young gorgeous children who have been photographed extensively since birth but are both directly responsible for the apparent coffee addiction I seem to have acquired over the past few years...
I enjoy spending time in the Lake District and Peak District when I'm able to and that never seems to be often enough these days!
Coming late in life to following football, I have adopted Manchester City as my team. (we can still be friends, honest).
I took up guitar at the late age of 21 and have been playing ever since, preferring my Australian made Maton acoustic.

I also enjoy dabbling in the kitchen and occasionally adding to our kitchenware collection.

Despite our ever increasing taking of photos, lots of us are still uncomfortable in front of the camera! Part of my role as a photographer is to help make your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and I work hard at making that happen.

None of our stories are the same.  Each narrative is a one-off, just like the amazing character in front of the camera. That, for me, is one of the most exciting parts about being a photographer. I'm granted a brief glimpse into people's lives at a given point in time - usually a special and memorable point. It's a privilege to be trusted to capture these moments.

I look forward to meeting up and hearing your story - let's set a date to get together.

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